Legal Notice
Legal Notice

Website ownership

Ownership of this website is held by GEROA PENTSIOAK E.P.S.V. DE EMPLEO (hereinafter, GEROA), with Tax ID Code: V20548244, with corporate headquarters at Paseo Lugaritz 27, bajo, 20018 San Sebastián-Donostia, Gipuzkoa (Spain), registered at the Commercial Register of Guipúzcoa Volume 1,569, Sheet 145, Page SS 11,233, 1st Entry, whose activity is Complementary Social Security Systems

Intellectual and industrial property

This website\'s design, its source codes and its logos, marks and other distinctive signs that appear therein belong to GEROA and are protected by pertinent intellectual and industrial property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, or transform them, or conduct any other similar or analogous activity with them, without GEROA\'s express authorisation.

Information on cookies

You may view information on the cookies used on this Website in the Cookie Policy.

Information on personal data protection

You may view detailed information on personal data processing in the Privacy Policy.

Accessing services

The website is not used to request or register the services that GEROA offers. The only parties that may access the site\'s forms are worker partners who belong to an organisation that has signed a membership contract with GEROA or said companies\' representatives.

Once a contract is signed with GEROA for it to manage and administer worker contributions, the worker partner and company representative shall obtain a username and password to access the website\'s forms.

Personal data processing is governed by stipulations in the Privacy Policy applicable to this Website.


The user shall be the sole party liable for infractions they may commit and the damages they may cause to third parties due to undue and illegitimate use of this website and the information that it contains.

GEROA shall not be held liable for the content, accuracy and updating of information from other legal or natural persons on the website or to which the user is redirected via links or other systems.

GEROA shall not be held liable for the legality of other third-party websites that may be accessed from the website, nor those that may be linked from the website.

No data supplied by users shall be used for purposes other than those set forth in each case, and no data shall be supplied to third parties, pursuant to GEROA\'s Privacy Policy.

GEROA reserves the right to make changes to the website with no prior notice, in order to modify and broaden content, information, applications, etc.

When you use this website, you assume the role of User. This implies your full acceptance, without reserve, of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice. As such, if you do not agree with any of the conditions established here within, you must not use/access this website.